Our rapidly changing understanding of gender identity and the dramatically increasing emergence of transgender and gender non-binary students and adults calls for community-wide discussions. Schools and organizations, particularly those whose core values and mission, vision and diversity statements reflect the importance of being emotionally healthy, non-discriminatory, and bullying-free communities, will benefit from encouraging student conversations, professional development and faculty training, program and curriculum review, and facilities planning in light of emerging transgender issues. How we nurture and encourage transgender and gender non-binary community members directly reflects how we treat each other and the overall emotional health of a community.

Alex Scott Consulting has two primary missions; insuring that schools are safe and nurturing places for transgender and gender non-binary students, faculty and parents, and that parents and students who are looking for a school that is respectful, unconditionally loving and encouraging will be able to find a good match. As a transgender educator with more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, counselor and administrator someone and who has traveled extensively offering workshops and counseling at schools across the country, I am uniquely qualified to help transgender and gender non-binary students and families find a school that fits their needs.



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