Every day, more and more transgender and gender non-binary children and adults are coming out of the closet. Every day, public awareness of transgender issues appear in television, film, newspapers, magazines and online. Schools who anticipate and prepare for the emergence of transgender students, teachers and staff will be healthier and more productive than those that wait for the internal tension and media attention a crisis around transgender issues will inevitably bring.

Transgender and gender non-binary children have always had a very difficult time in school. Subject to bullying, mockery, intimidation and violence, trans children are significantly more prone to suicide and isolation.

Over the past few years the media has begun to focus on these children in an informative and more objective way. This heightened public awareness offers us an opportunity to better educate school communities about transgender and gender non-binary issues, as well as intentionally support trans children in schools. Working with me will strengthen your school’s ability to understand and adjust to the reality of transgender children and adults in your school and allow each person to maximize their potential in a positive way.

As schools focus  attention on social justice and inherent cultural assumptions about race and class it is important to note that these discussions remain incomplete unless they also include the nature and impact of gender identity and the impact of unspoken assumptions about heteronormativity.